High-performance, Cost-effective, and QoS-aware Storage Systems in Cloud/Distributed Systems


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High-performance, Cost-effective, and QoS-aware Storage Systems in Cloud/Distributed Systems


Cloud storage becomes widely used by many applications due to its flexibility and cost-effectiveness. To attract more customers, cloud providers put great efforts to improve performance, reduce cost, and enhance QoS. On the one hand, high-performance NVMe SSDs are used to improve the performance and QoS. On the other hand, lower cost QLC-based SSDs are also considered to reduce the cost. It is highly desired to find out cost-effective architecture to satisfy customers’ SLA (Service Level Agreement) and reduce the cost.

Besides the lower-cost media SSDs, Open-Channel SSDs or Zone-namespace SSDs are new types of SSDs that allow the host system to co-optimize the storage software with the hardware. As a result, the traditional storage stack’s overhead, such as latency, write amplification, may be reduced, and the overall performance may be improved.


  • Innovative software/hardware architecture in distributed/cloud storage systems, which provide performance and cost-effective solution
  • Innovative co-optimizations of software/hardware leveraging the new type of storage hardware (i.e., Open-Channel SSDs, ZNS SSDs, Computational SSDs, etc.)
  • Thorough design, implementation, and evaluation of the proposed solution based on our current cloud storage system

Related Research Topics

  • Improve the performance and QoS of the current cloud storage system by co-optimizations of software/hardware
  • Reduce the cost of current cloud storage system without sacrificing the customers’ SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • Innovative software/hardware architecture of the cloud storage system to improve performance, reduce cost.
  • An innovative type of SSD hardware to provide reduced software overhead and co-optimization opportunity with the host system


Suggested Collaboration Method

AIR (Alibaba Innovative Research), one-year collaboration project. 

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