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Research on the Digital Transformation Methodology


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Research on the Digital Transformation Methodology


In 2018, an internationally renowned company (IDC) made a survey on 2,000 CEOs of multinational enterprises about the digital transformation. The survey results show that 67% of the global Top 1,000 enterprises and 50% of the Chinese Top 1,000 enterprises consider the digital transformation as the core of the strategies of the enterprise. However, the failure rate of their transformation is up to 70-80%.

At present, the digitization process of the whole society is in the stage of full-speed reconstruction. Digitization has become the innovation energy for the overall rapid development and upgrading of different industries and enterprises. As the biggest opportunity for the current development, the whole society has reached an agreement on the digital reform. The breadth, depth and intensity in different industries will continue to increase.

Corporate culture, organization structure, operation and management, innovative technology, talent cultivation, business process and operation model are all affecting the process and efficiency of digital transformation of enterprises. Enterprises must build a scientific operation and management system with digital thinking, so as to develop their own core competitiveness and accelerate the digitalization process.


In the process of facilitating the digital transformation of enterprises, we should explore how to form a healthier symbiotic relationship among enterprises, Aliyun and ecological partners, develop a longer cooperation cycle, transform the previous passive services into the active new service mode, and finally realize the digitalization and intelligentization of the whole industry.

In the key period of transformation of digital economy, we hope to gather the strength of industry, universities and research; systematically summarize the previous scattered achievements and methods; discuss about a set scientific digital transformation methodology; reshape the management concept, organization ability management mode, operation mode and other aspects of enterprises; enable enterprises with digitization; and promote the improvement of social efficiency at a full speed.

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