Data Computing
Research Area Overview

The Alibaba Damo data computing aims to reconstruct and converge the open, secure, agile and ecological information infrastructure, solve computational problems of function, efficiency and energy consumption, meet the needs of real-time interconnection, information sharing and intelligent applications among people, machines and objects, and eventually form a globalized intelligent computing ecosystem.

Research Area Overview

The Alibaba Damo Academy’s Robotics Research Sector is engaged in cutting-edge development in fields including environment perception, high-precision positioning, decision-making, intelligent control, etc.

Based on robot technology, Alibaba Damo focuses on R&D and application in unmanned driving and unmanned logistics, also it is committed to remodeling the value in traditional industries, such as automobile, logistics, service sector, etc.

Financial Technology
Research Area Overview

The Alibaba Damo finance technology is committed to improving the security, accuracy and convenience in finance sector, improving  financial forecast and decision-making ability, and remodeling the financial service.

Research Area Leader
Geoff JiangHead of Biometrics Lab

Before joining Ant Group, he served as Vice President of NEC Group, leading NEC's American Research Institute and global R&D. He has developed numerous innovative technologies and products in forefront domains such as IoT, big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, computer security, and software-defined networks. He has published more than 160 papers in world-class computer journals and conferences, won the Best Paper Award from top data mining conferences including SIGKDD. R&D projects under his leadership have won multiple industrial innovation awards at high-tech exhibitions such as CEATEC and Interop.

Machine Intelligence
Research Area Overview

The Alibaba Damo Academy’s Machine Intelligence Research Sector utilizing researches in cutting-edge machine intelligence’s theories and applications, especially the machine learning, helps industries to improve efficiency in retailing, , transportation, service, medical and judiciary sector, etc. Alibaba Damo is devoted to facilitate the revolutionary in fields, including economics, space technology, automatic control, computer design, and manufacturing, etc.

The machine intelligence research sector encompasses five labs, namely Speech Lab, Vision Lab, Language Technology Lab, Decision Intelligence Lab, and City Brain Lab.

Recent Events

X Laboratory
Research Area Overview

X Lab is dedicated to explore the most mysterious unknown in technology field and endeavors to provide the most advanced solutions. Furthermore, X Lab focuses on future and fission technology value.

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