Next Generation Data Center Networks Based on Programmable Network Devices


Cloud users have increasingly critical requirements on the performance and reliability of cloud networks. As network devices becoming more programmable and flexible, studying how to leverage the underneath programmability to design a new generation data center network, which is significantly faster and safer than the current generation, is an essential and promising research and development direction.


The project aims to understand how the programmability in the networks can help different applications to achieve their performance and reliability goals, as well as easing the operations and reducing the network cost. The output might be a general picture of how data center networks should be designed, designed and operated with data plane programmability, or an in-depth design of new network protocols, programming languages, monitoring and operation methods, and verifications, etc.

Related Research Topics

Design of programmable network chip, the protocol on programmable networks, the control of programmable networks, network programming languages, programmable network verifications, programmable network operations, or more related with the theme of this proposal.

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