Quantum Computing


Quantum Computing


Quantum Computing


The mission of Alibaba Quantum Laboratory (AQL) is to realize the revolutionary potentials of quantum computing. We are a hardware-centered full-stack program. Central to our effort is to build quantum computing systems based on superconducting circuits. Our hardware laboratory in Hangzhou includes a dedicated cleanroom. Our team of engineers and scientists work closely together, combining expertise in nanofabrication, low-temperature measurement, computational physics, and computer science. Besides hardware, we are also research in quantum algorithms and principles for their effective execution.

To realize the potentials of quantum computing, numerous challenges, both of fundamental nature and in engineering, need to be overcome. We seek collaborations in all areas central to quantum computing, especially on problems critical to the superconducting realization.

While we are eager to work with established laboratories, we are also keen to support starting-up teams and explorations by those with a world-leading record in the underlying broader disciplines. We will be happy to help jump-start a new research program in this exciting field.

The level of funding and other forms of support (such as facilities access and device fabrication) will be commensurate to the research effort.


  • The targets of this research are:
  • Decoherence mechanisms
  • Materials and nanofabrication for superconducting qubits
  • Simulations of SQC devices
  • Error-protected quits
  • Characterization, control, and measurement of SQC devices
  • Cryogenic engineering and electronics
  • Quantum computer architecture
  • Quantum error correction
  • Quantum program compilation
  • Quantum algorithms


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Suggested Collaboration Method

AIR (Alibaba Innovative Research), one-year collaboration project. 

Please  submit  the  application  through  the  "Alibaba  Innovation  Research"  (AIR)  program  https://damo.alibaba.com/air/.  The  submission  deadline  is  July  10,  2020.  After  the  deadline,  we  will  continue  considering  applications.  Interested  applicants  are  invited  to  send  a  one-page  pre-proposal  summary,  together  with  the  PI's  CV,  to  aql_collaborations@alibabacloud.com. 

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