Mobile App Scenario Aggregation and Fault Identification


Quality Assurance


Mobile App Scenario Aggregation and Fault Identification


The quality assurance of Mobile App has been a great challenge from the beginning, as there are a large number of manufacturers, Android Fragmentation and frequent OS updates. The testers also need access to test labs to ensure maximum test coverage. It can be practically impossible as well as costly to create a test lab with multiple physical devices but testing only on simulators is not 100% reliable.

Conversion tracking is when a brand monitors the actions consumers take toward the completion of a business goal. These actions can include signing up for a newsletter, downloading a content offer or adding an item to a cart. Conversion tracking is a way to determine the effectiveness of an advertising campaign, design change and other marketing components as consumers move toward conversion. These actions could be used for fault identification as well, e.g. suppose the items were added to cart but have never been able to pay on a small number of old Android version phones, there is most likely to be a compatible fault.

Data Analysis on those conversion tracking in Quality Assurance View could help on fault identification and user scenario aggregation. Fault Identification can be further to forecast in the first place and user scenario could be used to improve the coverage of test case.  


  • An algorithm model of identification of user commercial scenario on mobile App.
  • A fault identification system based on conversion tracking data mining, and further fault diagnosis.

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Suggested Collaboration Method

ARF (Alibaba Research Fellowship), three months ~ one year onsite.


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