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Optimization of Power Trading and Economic Operation Strategies for Cloud Computing Data Center with Carbon Neutrality Goal

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Research and Development of Key Technologies, Applications and Systems for Carbon Neutrality


The Internet and technology industry play anincreasingly important role incarbon neutrality due to both the growing energy consumption of digital infrastructure and the contribution of digital technology to carbon emission reduction. Alibaba released the first carbon neutrality action report among Chinese Internet companies in December 2021. The report puts forward Alibaba's carbon reduction strategy and phased goals of carbon neutrality. It is pointed out that no later than 2030, the carbon neutrality of its own operations (scope 1 and scope 2) will be achieved and cloud computing should take the lead in achieving carbon neutrality in scope 1, 2, and 3, and provide green clouds for the society.

An important path to achieve carbon neutrality is energy mix optimization. This can be done by increasing the proportion of clean energy, either by utilization of green electricity, green certificates, CCER and other carbon-neutral product or by investment on renewable energy projects. It is challenging to balance the progress of carbon neutrality and its cost, and to achieve low-carbon actions and long-term development.


1. A methodical model of renewable electricity price prediction and application to PPA;

2. A fully scalable trading model in electricity market for data center;

3. A thorough understanding of data center operation optimization towards cost and emission reduction in coupled power and carbon market;

4. A quantitative analysis to determine optimal carbon neutrality approaches;

5. A test scheduling module for current data center power trading.

Related Research Topics

1.  Mid- and long term renewable electricity price forecast;

2.  Data center power trading optimization in current electricity market;

3.  Data center operation optimization in electricity market;

4.  Trading optimization in coupled power market and carbon market;

5.  Design and optimization of data center carbon neutrality approaches in coupled power and carbon market.

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