【CCF-AIR青年基金】Large scale real-time prediction and decision-making based on time and space

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In the international import and export logistics, domestic warehousing and parcel distribution scenarios, there are a large number of problems such as space-time prediction, order fulfillment, resource allocation and capacity scheduling. It is necessary to combine large-scale machine learning and operation research optimization technology to build a dynamic space-time decision optimization engine, so as to achieve the effect of cost reduction and income generation of each business.

Technical research needs to make breakthroughs in several core issues, including spatio-temporal prediction algorithm system, dynamic online decision optimization and end-to-end prediction decision exploration; Behind this is the comprehensive application and combination of operation research optimization, deep learning and reinforcement learning technology. At the same time, it also needs a set of algorithm engineering with the computational power required for large-scale online decision-making.

Therefore, we build a large-scale real-time prediction and decision algorithm platform based on logistics time and space to provide support for similar industrial Internet products, This is also different from the consumer Internet. What we build is a customized prediction and decision algorithm platform under the industrial Internet, which will greatly help the real needs of a large number of prediction and decision-making within CaiNiao logistics, and can also provide a basic framework platform for similar external problems.


  • A large-scale online prediction and decision-making system based on spatiotemporal logistics for industrial Internet.
  • Our forecasting and decision-making system has been applied in smart storage, smart transportation and smart distribution, and the business effect has been significantly improved.
  • Our system is open to the industrial Internet and can be recognized by the industry awards.

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