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Research on Frontier Technologies in Data Center and Server


Alibaba Cloud Apsara Distributed File System is compatible with multiple CPU architectures, X86, ARM and RISC-V. Especially T-HEAD announced Yitian710 server, which brought an actual demand of software architecture migration from X86 to ARM or RISC-V.

There is a common situation in architecture migration. Some customers lost source code and only have binaries. They cannot rebuild their applications to be compatible with new CPU architecture. Usually, binary translation is used to solve this kind of problem.

Binary translation(BT) is a key technique to perform smooth migration. This tech directly translates binaries of one arch to another, without source code involved. There are several successful commercial BT applications. For example, Apple proposed Rosetta2 to run X86 app on Apple M1 processors. With Intel Houdini, ARM Android apps can run on Windows11/X86.


We expect:

1. Prototype of binary translation.

2. At least one paper, published in CCF-A or other top conferences.

Metrics for the prototype

1. Source and dest architecture should be within X86/ARM/RISC-V.

2. Cover 100% source arch registers

3. Cover 80%+ instructions

4. Can execute SPECCPU2017.

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