The Alibaba Innovative Research Program (AIR) and Alibaba Research Fellowship (ARF) are two important ways to establish the collaboration between Alibaba Group and academia. Alibaba academic collaboration aims to promote the frontier technology studies in computer science related research areas and also boost the conversion of research outcomes to practical applications. We expect to cooperate with academia to overcome the technical challenge in Alibaba’s business scenarios, help the researchers find the inspiration and accumulate their industrial experience.

Alibaba Innovative Research (AIR)

AIR is a global research sponsor programme that aims to explore the cutting-edge technologies and promote the deep collaboration between industry and academia in the philosophy of “Technology Reshapes the Future”. The mission of AIR programme is to create technology innovation and build up Alibaba’s collaboration ecosystem among industry, universities and research facilities.

Alibaba Research Fellowship (ARF)

The ARF programme provides opportunities for research scholars around the world to visit Alibaba’s headquarters in Hangzhou and other facilities in Beijing, Seattle, etc. During the visiting period, the scholars will obtain the support from Alibaba’s experts, be authorized to access Alibaba’s computing resource, work with front-end engineers on real-life business scenarios, and develop the innovative technologies to change the world.

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