Alibaba Damo Academy Young Fellow Charter

Chapter 1 General Provisions

The Alibaba Damo Academy Young Fellow is an unofficial, non-profit public service award established by Alibaba Group in 2018, organized by Alibaba DAMO Academy and supported by the Alibaba Foundation, for young Chinese scholars who have made a key contribution to the advancement of science and technology.

The Alibaba Damo Academy Young Fellow aims to identify and support outstanding young scholars in China who are fully engaged in scientific research in academic and research institutions and have the potential to achieve outstanding results in the future and become the backbone of scientific research in China. Alibaba DAMO Academy upholds the spirit of "Persistence is the key to success" and provides timely, effective, and reliable assistance to young scholars to help them achieve significant breakthroughs in critical areas, climb to the top of science and technology, and make outstanding contributions to the development of human society.

1. The Alibaba Damo Academy Young Fellows are judged on the basis of objectivity, fairness, impartiality, and rigor.
2. Insist on the independence, professionalism, and authority of the expert review.
3. Adhering to the principle of public benefit, providing support and assistance to young Chinese scientists.

In order to ensure the objective and rigorous, fair and impartial, organized and smooth operation of the review process of Damo Academy Young Fellow, this constitution is established.

Chapter 2 Awards

Award Settings
1. The name of the award is "Alibaba Damo Academy Young Fellow."
2. The winner of the award will be named "Alibaba DAMO Academy Young Fellow" and will be eligible for reciprocal visits with Alibaba DAMO Academy.

Conditions of Participation
To be considered for the Damo Academy Young Fellow, you must meet the following requirements:
1. Be a full-time researcher in an academic and research institution in China and have received a Ph.D. degree.
2. In the year of participation, the participant's age is 35 years old, and below(2022 participants should be born on or after January 1, 1987).
3. the field of research is in line with the field of Damo Academy Young Fellow evaluation.
4. The applicant cannot participate in two consecutive years, i.e., the applicant who has participated in the previous year's award cannot participate in the current year's award.

Review-oriented areas
Damo Academy Young Fellows are awarded in a wide range of scientific fields. It is open to mathematical and physical sciences, chemical sciences, life sciences, information sciences, engineering and materials sciences, medical sciences, emerging interdisciplinary sciences, and other fields as determined by the Damo Academy Young Fellow Management Committee.

Number of winners
No more than 30 winners per year.

Award amount
The winners each received a prize of RMB 1 million (before tax).

Chapter 3 Governance

Review Committe
The Damo Academy Young Fellows have a review committee composed of high academic standards and excellence experts. The review committee is responsible for reviewing the candidates' materials, correspondence evaluation, participation in the final defense evaluation, etc., in accordance with these regulations. The review committee members are subject to regular rotation, and in principle, they will be re-elected once a year.

Management Committee
The Management Committee is the operational and decision-making body of the Damo Academy Young Fellows. It is responsible for determining the composition of the jury and the supervisory committee and for carrying out the day-to-day work in accordance with these regulations to ensure the smooth running of the award.

Supervisory Committee
The Supervisory Committee is composed of financial, legal, auditing, and public welfare professionals as decided by the Management Committee and is responsible for legal supervision and financial audit supervision in the award evaluation process.

Chapter 4 Evaluation

The way the participants are selected
Participants will be selected in two ways:
1. The Alibaba DAMO Academy will conduct a targeted search for participants from universities and research institutions in China.
2. Participants who meet the application requirements will be self-nominated or recommended.

Independent application and recommendation method
1. Alibaba Damo Academy Young Fellows accept recommendations and applications throughout the year. Still, the deadline for submission of materials is June each year (the deadline for submission of materials in 2022 is 24:00 GMT+8 on June 1, 2022). The application after this time will automatically participate in the next year's selection.
2. Participants will send their personal information in a package to the email, containing:
1) Personal academic curriculum vitae (Word or PDF format).
2) Introduction to personal representative works and results (including research background, process overview, description of the value of the results, personal experience, etc.).
3) (Optional, not required information) Recommendation letter/recommendation video(up to three) from well-known scientists in domestic and international academia.

Selection cycle
The selection is made once a year, and the selection period is from June to August each year.

Review process
The judging process abides by the principles of objectivity, fairness, impartiality, and rigor. The evaluation process is strictly carried out in accordance with "submission of materials by the participants - qualification evaluation by the organizing committee - correspondence evaluation by the expert pool - on-site evaluation by the expert panel - consideration of the results by the expert panel - announcement of the winners."

Evaluation criteria
Damo Academy Young Fellows are judged on the scientific and technological innovation, value impact, and social influence of the participants' research results.

Announcement of the winners
The winners, research units, and research areas will be announced on the Alibaba DAMO Academy website after the selection process.

Chapter 5 Awarding

The Management Committee awards the Damo Academy Young Fellow, and the winner signs the "Damo Academy Young Fellow Award Agreement," is named "Alibaba DAMO Academy Young Fellow," and can establish reciprocal visits with the Alibaba DAMO Academy.

Honor use rules
Awardees have the right to describe themselves in public (including their bios) as a "Damo Academy Young Fellow" recipient, or an "Alibaba DAMO Academy Young Fellow". Also, agree to be a "Damo Academy Young Fellow," or "Alibaba DAMO  Academy Young Fellow" text and graphics (if any) as published on the official website of Alibaba Group or Alibaba DAMO Academy, and to display and use the honorary title in its full name.

Chapter 6 Award revocation and withdrawal

Award revocation and withdrawal
According to the Damo Academy Young Fellow selection criteria, even if the award is granted, Alibaba DAMO Academy shall organize the Management Committee, the Jury and the Supervisory Committee to evaluate whether to revoke the award or the title and whether to withdraw the prize in the following cases and implement the evaluation results