About the Award

DAMO Academy Young Fellow is an annual award presented by Alibaba DAMO Academy for young Chinese scholars based in Greater China who have the potential to contribute significantly to science and technology. It aims to discover and support outstanding young scholars engaged in fundamental science and applied technology research. DAMO Academy awards one million RMB to each winner and provides all-round support, including open data resources and application scenarios, to help each winner reach the peak of achievement in science and technology.

Assessment Criteria

Candidates must be:

➤ From Greater China

➤ Chinese scholars aged 35 or under

➤ Researchers in academic and research institutions engaged in fundamental science and applied technology research


➤ Technological innovation: Candidates should have achieved innovative achievements that exceed expectations in the three key scientific and technological fields, and play an important role in the future of science and technology of their research field.

➤ Integration of businesses, universities and research institutes: Candidates should not only pursue scientific value as the research goal, but also pay attention to the potential of the research to benefit technological and industrial progress.

➤ Scientific Perseverance: Adherence to a pure and rigorous scientific spirit should be encouraged.

Major Areas:

➤  Information Technology: basic software, cloud computing, big data, machine intelligence, Internet of things, and quantum computing

➤  Semiconductor materials and devices: chips, display technology, and smart sensors

➤  Smart manufacturing: robots, high-end CNC machine tools, smart inspection and assembly, smart logistics and warehousing, and autonomous driving

Prize Guidelines

The total number of winners per year is up to 10.

➤  The winners will each receive an award of one million RMB

➤  The winners will receive the “DAMO Academy Young Fellow” title, and be eligible for exchange visits with DAMO Academy Labs

➤  DAMO Academy will provide support from its computing, technology, product, and engineering teams to boost technological transformation



Past History


  • Xiaoming Chen

    Associate Researcher at the Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is currently engaging in research into integrated circuit design, automation, and new computer architecture. He is passionate about the development of Chinese chip technology.
  • Wenshuai Jiang

    Lecturer at the School of Mathematical Sciences at Zhejiang University. He conducts research into geometric analysis in basic mathematics, including Kähler manifold, geometric flow, harmonic mapping, geometric structure of Riemannian manifold with certain curvature, and related applications.
  • Yongxin Tong

    Adjunct Researcher at the School of Computer Science, Beihang University. He has been passionately involved in database and data mining technology for the past five years. He is committed to empowering big data applications and innovation through effectively managing and exploring the potential of vast amounts of data.
  • Chenren Xu

    Researcher at the School of Information Science and Technology, Peking University. He is a researcher who believes exploring the efficient interconnecting technologies of the digital world can enhance the sense of dignity and mission within human society.
  • Shusen Yang

    Professor at the School of Mathematics and Statistics at Xi'an Jiaotong University. He is obsessing with big data analysis and with research into edge-cloud collaborative intelligence. Throughout his ten year career in scientific research, he has been inspired by the beauty of math and by his passion for engineering. It's not an easy path, but it is one he finds deeply satisfying.
  • Hao Zhang

    Associate Professor of Physics at Tsinghua University. He explores the novel physics of the quantum world by experimental means. He aims to solve scientific and engineering bottlenecks faced by quantum computing in hardware.
  • Lan Zhang

    Adjunct Professor at the School of Computer Science, University of Science and Technology of China. She dedicates to the deep understanding of data and data value evaluation, and also to secure computing and data privacy protection. She believes that when combined together, the technology from both fields can achieve secure and intelligent application and sharing of cross-domain data.
  • Lijun Zhang

    Associate Professor and Doctoral Advisor in Computer Science and Technology at Nanjing University. He mainly studies large-scale machine learning and optimization, proposing learning algorithms for big data and establishing theoretical guarantees for these algorithms.
  • Weinan Zhang

    Assistant Professor of Machine Learning at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He is a young teacher who loves talking to students and helping them progress. He has dedicated himself to exploring artificial intelligence frontier technology and is keen to apply that technology to practical applications.

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