Postdoc Positions at Alibaba Quantum Laboratory

An ideal candidate is passionate for pursuing a research career in quantum computing. The position requires no prior experiences in quantum computing, but a doctoral degree (conferred within the past 3 years) with a strong record in one of the following fields: experimental or theoretical condensed matter physics, atomic, molecular, and optical physics (AMO) physics, quantum optics, computational electromagnetics, electrical engineering, material science, nanofabrication, cryogenic engineering, computer engineering, computer architecture, programming languages, compilers, and theoretical computer science. A postdoc will participate in AQL's core R&D projects, while receiving a rigorous training and strong support for career development. Our postdoctoral program will benefit junior researchers not just in quantum computing, but those transitioning from an adjacent field.  

The locations are Beijing, Hangzhou, and Bellevue (Washington). The available positions for Bellevue are only for quantum computer systems (error-correction, architecture and system software). The positions in Beijing and Hangzhou will be offered in partnership with leading partner academic institutions and in consultation with the candidate. The positions are available immediately and evaluations are continuous, and for a duration of up to 2 years.

(a) a CV with a list of publications. Under "Work Sample", please upload three to five representative publications in which you have made a major contribution.

(b) a Cover Letter, in which please state your main research accomplishments, the estimated start and end dates, and the desired locations.

(c) the name, affiliation and email address of three references.

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AQL's mission is to realize the revolutionary potentials of quantum computing. Currently, we focus on developing foundational technologies for building superconducting quantum computers. Our multidisciplenary and international team of experts are based in Hangzhou and Beijing in China, and Bellevue (WA) in USA. We have built our own world-class facilities for the fabrication and the measurement of superconducting quantum devices. AQL is proud to be a founding division of DAMO Academy, Alibaba's global research institute.


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