Research Focus
  • System Architecture

The lab delves into the design of system software and hardware, including instruction sets, architectures, programming languages, compilation technologies, and benchmark tests for new computing technologies.

  • Computing Technologies

In a top-down manner, the lab studies application-driven computing technologies. Fields of study include applications, algorithms, architectures, circuit design, design automation, and ultra-low-power IC design of new computing technologies.

  • Memory Technologies

In a bottom-up manner, the lab works on new storage technologies based on the application of new storage devices in computing systems. The lab focuses on innovative architecture, three-dimensional memory, non-volatile memory, and in-memory computing technology.

  • Interconnect Technologies

The lab investigates innovative intra-chip and inter-chip interconnect architectures and implementations, including network-on-chip, die-to-die/socket-to-socket interconnects, optical interconnects, etc.

  • IC Engineering

The lab also endeavors to apply their research to real products. This leads to the R&D of architecture and system of application-specific, high-performance, and low-power computing acceleration chips.

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