• Data Access
    CVIE provides image and video access, encoding, transcoding as well as sharding services. It supports real-time registration and unloading of cameras. It has been adapted to various data transportation protocols like GB/T 28181, GA/T 1400, etc.
  • Visual Search
    Powered by advanced indexing technologies like feature quantization and heterogeneous acceleration, CVIE provides effective and efficient search engines for retrieving objects and complex events from videos. It enables indexing of both structured and semi-structured data like attributes and high dimensional feature vectors.
  • Data Computing
    CVIE is equipped with self-developed world-leading compute vision algorithms such as object detection, recognition and segmentation. It supports real-time analysis of thousands of online video streams and can accelerate offline video analysis by hundreds of times. Besides, it provides computing engines for heterogeneous data sources, including streaming data, sequence data, graph data, and graphics data.
  • Engine of Industry
    CVIE energizes various industry scenarios to promote the quality of urban life, including but not limited to public safety, transportation, municipal construction, urban planning, electricity scheduling, etc.

  • Flexible, Open and Secure Platforms
    As one of the first national open innovation platforms of artificial intelligence, CVIE supports open integration of algorithms, flexible work flow customization, as well as secure model encryption and dynamic authorization.
  • Advanced and Abundant Self-developed Algorithms
    CVIE is equipped with abundant and self-developed world-leading compute vision as well as artificial intelligence algorithms.
  • Intelligent and Complete Industrial Solution
    CVIE provides customized intelligent analyzing services and complete large-scale visual computing solution to solve the pain points of customers across various industries.
  • Global and Intuitive Digital City Perception
    CVIE can project the real world into a digital world, realizing the whole spatial and temporal perception, whole elements linkage and full cycle iteration of smart cities through global mock negotiation and real-time commanding systems.

Open Innovation

As one of the first national open innovation platforms of artificial intelligence, CVIE provides an open and flexible AI development and servicing platform for both academia and industry. It has served many world-famous research institutions, universities and AI companies. It has also been deployed and widely used in more than 60 city brain projects. We sincerely welcome more partners to contact us and explore cooperation in scientific research and industry.

Application Scenario
  • Smart Transportation
  • Public Safety
  • Urban Management
  • Emergency Management
  • Housing and Construction

Honors and Awards
  • In 2019, Ali AI defeated 10 teams including Microsoft and Seoul University and got the first position in the CVPR Visual Dialogue Challenge.
  • In 2019, Ali AI won the champion of weakly supervised semantic segmentation task in the first Learning from Imperfect Data competition of CVPR.
  • In 2018, the “Large-scale visual parallel heterogeneous computing platform and key technologies for city brain” won the first prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Award.
  • On August 27, 2018, the 11th meeting of the 7th People’s Congress Standing Committee of Quzhou City awarded Xianshen Hua the “Celebrity Honorary Citizen”.
  • In 2018, the “Alibaba Cloud City Visual Intelligence Engine Software” won the first place in the pedestrian detection track of KITTI.
  • In 2018, the “Alibaba Cloud City Visual Intelligence Engine Software” breaks the world record of person reidentification algorithms, achieving the top-1 accuracy of 97.3%.
  • In 2017, the “Alibaba Cloud City Visual Intelligence Engine Software” won the first place in the vehicle detection track of KITTI.
  • On November 15, 2017, Alibaba “City Visual Intelligence Engine” was selected as one of the first national artificial intelligence open innovation platforms.

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